Hello everyone

I was wondering if anyone else thinks about Haiku inc hosting a hackaton. i know it would drive development by a substantial amount!

Here is what i purpose. 3 days (friday evening to sunday possibly in the coming month or so, whenever suits) of non stop open development on the various areas of haiku getting the community involved as much possible. Maybe even some sort of development competition between developers.

I dont know what everyone thinks but i would be more than happy to provide my assistance.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Too bad I can’t code anything, but I think this initiative would be really beneficial for Haiku. Great idea. :slight_smile:

Already happens twice a year in Germany. :slight_smile:

Read here:

They only have time to do two of these events per year.

BG is very productive indeed; but it is also limited to a very specific geography. Something more along the lines of the Ubuntu Global Jam would be interesting to explore:


I think it’s a very good idea, and ought to be done online in several languages, so that everyone can join in. I also think that it’d be nice to have some activities for newbies in programming like me to be able to do something, like a ‘who can make the best something app’ challenge. Admittedly, it won’t really directly help development of Haiku, but being able to take part in a community activity and develop programming knowledge is surely a good thing for future programmers. Aswell, it’d be great to show new app developers who speak non-C based languages how they can create apps specifically for Haiku, using some of the available tools for Be-specific features or something like that.

It would be good to make a big deal of it, a bit of publicity and some fund raising wouldn’t go a miss either. HAIKU Hackaton 2010 .

Lets make it happen.

the first step would be to infiltrate and promote to all developers in open source software. So maybe getting out in the linux world would be a plus.