GUI, Outpu texts

Please give adequate thought to the quality & understandability of the English – instead of any slavishly/sub-consciuosly following the [not ideal] MS-ian example!

Indeed, Be favoured full phrasing and better thought-out notifications, object labels, etc., we are told – whereas MS seems to be still stuck in a rut of over-abbreviation and phrasing that doesn’t everywhere really quite express what they mean to say by it…!!

For example, what struck me just then, on seeing screenshot, is ‘Apply’ which would better at least as ‘Apply now’, if not with a different verb.
Dont make mistakes, please, of the kind Robert Szeleney did [at one stage, at least] in using ‘Mount’ at a juncture which covers also unmounting and that sort of thing!

Surely I am not alone in this wish, with my linguistic sensitivities…?!