[GSoC 22] Project: Improving the Calendar Application

reminders and CalDAV would be my top priority.
There is an attempt to create a plug-in based architecture but everything is hard-coded, indeed.
Moreover, the Google Calendar code is broken.

It would make more sense to start from there, wouldn’t it?

PS: I had alreay thought about looking into the CalDAV integration and the plugin architecture, sooner or later. Probably later than sooner…


Hey! I Apologize for being inactive for a few days, actually my University Exams were going on (now they’re over)

The community has added much valuable insights for the proposal. The most pressing issue, which I haven’t included in my proposal) seems to be im/exporting/syncing of Events, i.e, syncing with the Google Calendar and the CalDav Protocol.

I have been researching around the CalDav Protocol for quite a time now, and now I am confident enough to say that this can be implemented.

@humdinger should I update this on my proposal as well?

As per the discussion, Reminders should be added not as a separate functionality, but as an “extension” to the Events.

And the Search and the Profile feature, I believe, needs some discussion.


Asking for my education: is there any specific reason why SQLite was chosen over BFS attributes? Having the events on the file system would have enabled some interesting scenarios, for example linking together:


No technical reason iirc, just easier for the person to implement then I think.
There is an open ticket to replace this with a BFS based storage anyhow.


I trust you have already seen there’s a library called libical that could help with the iCalendar integration and potentially with the overall CalDAV stack.


Thanks, I haven’t gone through all the tickets of all the apps on HaikuArchives as of yet but this ticket looks promising.
@humdinger and @Harshit_Sharma, I’m happy to help. Should you need anything just give me a shout.

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Be warned,*DAV protocols are a mess, and i am not aware to any maintained c/cpp library for them.
Again: it is a terrible mess.

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Welcome back! Hope you did good on your exams. :slight_smile:

If the proposals are still editable, by all means.

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Am I confused? @JadedCtrl removed SQL a year and a half ago:

I expect much of the discussions will take place at Calendar’s issue tracker and via PRs. Or, if a wider audience is needed, here on the forums.


The explanation is simple:

  1. This application is advertised on the Depot as being built on a SQLite backend
  2. SQL related code is on Github (SQLiteManager.cpp and SQLiteManager.h)
  3. I haven’t thoroughly analyzed the code on GitHub as of yet
    All the points above led me to a wrong assumption.
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Yes I have, thanks for sharing!

Time to edit that recipe’s description… :slight_smile:

The remnants of SQL are for importing existing “Events” created back when Calendar used SQL. Those will be phased out eventually, maybe after a few more releases down the road, to be sure the majority of users had time to migrate.


Thanks for clarifying!


@Sabon, can you quote what above has sparked your outburst ?