[GSOC 2024] Fix Haiku’s WebKit2 Port

Hmm, I also didn’t need to have any fixes when making the release build, but the debug build with asserts enabled did need some. Maybe due to my strange partial-debug build configuration?

Are we still in kindergarten with the personal attacks and bullying?

Point is… haikuwebkit2 was updated since I last built/reviewed it so possible SharedMemoryHaiku and IPCSemaphoreUnix code for WebKit2 was fixed if you built it successfully, then the claim of “haikuwebkit2 doesn’t compile successfully” is no longer valid. MiniBrowser functionality is another known issue.

As for another point, WebGL functionality is a feature just like SSL or Media. So, in fixing webKit2 - the discussion is warranted if you are truely trying to have a “fixed” and “working” modern browser in comparison to other working browsers on Haiku/elsewhere - but it is optional as well.

So, I’ll retract anything I said on WebGL ./ Metal / else for this discussion.


Ah yes, I have not tried debug builds in a while, so that may need a bit more changes.

Well, every time I push something to the WebKit2 branch I personally check that it builds. Zardshard’s experience seems to agree: he also didn’t see the errors you are getting.

My experience of working with you is that your message and pull requests are misleading and confusing. I don’t know where the problem comes from, but I think other people should know about it. Maybe we just live in different realities, or your computers are haunted by gremlins. I don’t know. I have given up trying to understand. I accept that some things escape my rational views on things and there is nothing I can do about it.

Yes, but OpenGL is needed even outside of that, for example to implement CSS 3D transforms (unless we want to write pixel warping code to do it ourselves, but I don’t see the point). Currently, CSS 3D transforms are left unimplemented in HaikuWebKit. It used to be possible to configure the build to declare to websites that we don’t support it, but that was removed. So now, HaikuWebKit says “yes, no problem, give me 3D transforms!” and doesn’t know what to do with them.