[GSoC 2018: XFS support] Week #7 and #8 | Haiku Project

Hi all,

I have been reading through the XFS documentation and looking more into the on-disk structures. Previously, I had looked into AG inode management, but not inode core structure. So I thought it would be better to look into how files, directories and links are stored on disk with inodes.

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It looks like this project is a lot more complex to execute than initially anticipated.

As such, these posts are important as they document the issues encountered and their resolution. This will be valuable to anyone attempting to port another file system to Haiku.

As for XFS - it would be great that it is brought to a decent and workable state even if not perfect.

Porting a filesystem like xfs is not complex. There is a specification for it, and it should be easy to follow. And as a mentor for this I get very little requests for help from the student, so I assume there aren’t any difficulties and things are progressing as planned, right?

I was not intending to pry - just a bit excited about the expected end-result being XFS support in Haikku.

Maybe things are progressing as planned. It is difficult to sense that this is the case from the few progress posts published.