[GSoC 2017] Porting the Swift Programming Language to Haiku | Haiku Project

Hello everyone! I'm Joseph 'Calvin' Hill, (irc nick: return0e) a third year computer science student at the University of Hull and one of the 7 GSoC students participating with Haiku. I'm also a active contributor to the HaikuPorts organisation, by porting over useful cross-platform software found on other platforms, to be made available on Haiku. This summer, I'll be porting the Swift programming language to Haiku with my mentors Jérôme Duval 'Korli' and Julian Harnath 'jua', with the intention of merging these changes upstream.

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Swift appears to be a good choice. It seems well entrenched within Apple’s development tools and has spread well beyond Apple that it will not suffer the same fate as Dylan!

From what I understand about Swift is that, in very simplified term, provides an “Objective-C like” paradigm without requiring an Objective-C runtime and auxiliary libraries. Is this simplified view more or less correct?