[GSoC 2017] Calendar Application: Weekly Report 7 | Haiku Project

Hello Everyone!

In this post I would be focusing on the work done in the past two weeks.

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Keep up the good work!

It would be nice if there was a back end that did not rely on Google… Perhaps a “cloud aggregator kit” that would sync different cloud data providers to haiku as well as between other users of the aggregator (potentially on other platforms as well). Things like files, messages/chats and calendars, playlists, bookmarks etc…

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You could write in .ical support, then in theory you should be able to sync your calendar to a single file or folder of files, and in turn those files could be synchronised elsewhere, either through something like Dropbox or Syncthing, or even just left as local copies.

Also, the protocol that Nextcloud uses might be worth looking into.

Nextcloud would be cool… since have actually have that running already :smiley:

Thier phone app doesn’t like my URL to my server or something though.

Rather than commenting on these features ideas here, it seems a good idea to open bug reports/feature requests at github where the application is hosted.

I don’t think that would be appropriate for someone not on the development team to do directly… honestly, as it may just mean more work down the line deleting the darn ticket since no developer was actually ever interested. Personally I find tickets a bad place to discuss things initially.

Of course if a developer thinks it’s a good idea… they are welcome to say so and they or someone could add it to a ticket.

As a developer (not of this particular app, however), I always welcome feedback fom users through tickets. Yes, it can be rejected as “won’t fix” or so, but at least there is a trace of it and people can know the reason for rejecting. Usally I don’t close tickets because “no one is interested”. They may stay open for a few years before actually getting implemented however.

If there is a list of improvements for this particular app, we can also consider adding them to our list of Google Code-In tasks and get our students there to work on it. But if all the ideas are just discussions lost in this forum, it is much harder to track them down for that purpose.


Unfortunately the Issues feature has been disabled on that repo. I believe I did have a ticket open there about adding CalDAV support, for connecting to cloud providers.

Yeah that would require CalDAV support and that isn’t there yet.

Still, once you have that you can link into most online calendar services, resolving to an .ical file or folder of files would just be an added bonus.

The repo has been moved to HaikuArchives and issues are active there.