Graphics unusability in latest nightly

Checked out a Nightly release Saturday night, written to disk with no errors, and experienced bad graphics glitches once I booted to the desktop on my old HP Compaq workstation. At first I thought it was an isolated GPU related issue (i810 deprecated recently), but my HP ProBook 4310 and a Toshiba Satellite had the same issue. Has anyone else experienced this recently on a Nightly or filed a bug report? I haven’t seen one yet for these models. Just thought I’d let the rest of the community know. I’ll check out another build later and post again probably later tonight or tomorrow. Thanks all.

The intel_extreme driver has seen some changes that resulted in fewer hardware being correctly set up. There are tickets for that already.
For the i810 you should file a new ticket. Best when you can point to the revision (range) when it broke.

Sorry it’s taken a while since the last post to provide an update, but I return to this thread with good news. :slight_smile: As of testing 50657 earlier today, the graphics glitch I described 10 days ago appears to no longer affect my machines. I booted it on a HP Probook 4310s and a HP Compaq 6730b, and the graphics were back to normal. As for the Satellite (with amd graphics), I haven’t tested this build with it yet.

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Glad to hear! PulkoMandy has been doing some great work polishing the intel_extreme driver after the big rewrite to support newer Intel GPUs. With his recent changes we’re hearing that even cards that didn’t work before the rework are coming to life :slight_smile: