Graphics Glitch on Intel i5 with HD 2500 graphics

I was so hoping to find a machine where the graphics acceleration works on Haiku. So I thought I would try one of my intel machines with IGP.

I’m having an issue where this happens instead of going to the desktop.

My machine is the Lenovo ThinkCenter m72e lunchbox sized computer, with a regular i5 with HD 2500(?) IGP, 8GB RAM and 256Gb Samsung SSD.

I honestly wouldn’t even know where to start diagnosing this in Haiku. If someone could point me in the right direction.

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Currently experimental hardware acceleration is only available for Radeon Southern Islands GPUs. Drivers are very experimental not yet available by default, ask me if you want to participate for testing. No hardware acceleration for Intel GPUs yet.

The problem with glitches visible on your video is unrelated to acceleration, it is incorrect mode setting. You may use fail safe video mode option in boot loader menu. It will not affect graphics speed.

Use fail-safe graphics driver
The system will use VESA mode and won’t try to use any video graphics drivers.

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Awesome, thank you I will try the SHIFT menu as soon as I’m back at my desk!
Thank you for the quick response!


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I have amassed a pretty huge collection of graphics cards if you need hardware tested, don’t recall if any of them are radeon hd 7000 series, there’s over 5 large boxes of cards to choose from.