Grand Central Dispatch support


Now that Apple has open sourced Grand Central Dispatch, will Haiku ever have this implemented in the near future? This would make programming for multiple processors on Haiku software MUCH easier. Thanks.


i believe i have suggested this a few times around the place. i can only assume that im speaking for the devs in saying that first they need to get everything that already there working properly and then they can focus on inovation. in future i can see lots of technology like this finding a home in haiku.

Grand Central Dispatch has made a lot of noise during the last couple of months, and most developers have in one point in their lives created Thread Pools (which is what GCD essentially is, but much nicer with extra candy). However, we still run into the same old locking problem we’ve always had - how to deal with all the thread race conditions. GCD doesn’t really help with that (but they do hide locks behind the concept of BLOCK). You still have to manually lock software.

IMHO, Apple haven’t really improved anything when it comes to designing multithreaded applications.