GoldenDict Does Not Install

I attempted to install GoldenDict but I received the following error:


So I googled this name cited in the error message and it belongs to a package named Hunspell, which I discovered that it was already installed (v1.7.0-1) in my Haiku.

Is this another scenario that needs to be fixed by its developer(s)? Or is there a way to get past this error?

Add an issue on Haikuports (GitHub). The recipe needs to be updated.

The Message Display that you need the lib hunspell higher or same as 0.0.1

Watch for it in HaikuDepot to install it. The packager has forgotten to set this dependencies i think.

Begasus already updated the recipe, but the build apparently failed:

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I fixed it, you can install now.

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Awesome!! It installed cleanly now.

Thank you!!