Ghost file :-)

From Haiku I copied (Really it seems that I moved) a directory (Internet) fro Zeta to Haiku.
Since apparently the directory was moved and not copied, I tried to copy it back.
I could copy it anywhere back to Zeta, but the old directory.
It says that the Internet (directory) exist in directory /apps, when it is really not there. (I checked it with ls also.) How can i remove/clear up this nonexistent directory in /apps?

Haiku can corrupt your BFS file system. I’ve had it happen to me - I believe under intense disk activity.

Boot Zeta.

If you see the folder ( or files ), you can try ‘forcerm’ on them to try to remove them.

You can try chkbfs -f to fix afterwards.

You’re file system sounds corrupted.

EDIT: I noticed you got the same reply on mailing list and it worked for you.

Note: Using Haiku and mounting Zeta I can see /Zeta/apps/Internet executing ls -l, gbut it have ??? attributes. (Corrupted??). However I cannot remove it.