Gevent on Haiku?

Has anybody been able to get gevent installed on Haiku? I’ve tried installing it from pip (from HaikuDepot), from pip (doing manual install of pip v. 18), and installing using build from three different releases on it’s github page. All of them gave errors. The last one (using build) showed an error about ‘corecext.c’ not existing in the ‘src\gevent\libev’ directory.

It depends on libev or libuv which are not yet ported to Haiku, there is work to port libuv though ongoing here

libevent is in HaikuDepot - is that different from libev (I was thinking they were the same, that libev was just a short name for it). I need both of them? Also, gevent uses it’s own libev that’s inside the repo.

If you use a 32bit Haiku, you can take a look on vEvent by elmstreetsoft, available over our repo:

As told by @cb88, you need one of those libraries, that are not the same.

Libev should be added to the repos and use it for gevent, i guess. Or libuv, which is still a ongoing effort as a separate lib.

@lelldorin He’s talking about system file/socket descriptors change events, not live events :thinking:

I was talking about me thinking libev and libevent were the same. I have found out that they aren’t. HaikuDepot has libevent, but not libev.

The installation for gevent builds libev that’s included in it’s repository. I don’t know how to tell it to use the one already on the system (or if I can do that).

Thanks for your help. Looks like I just need to wait till stuff’s ported over.