Getting to Forum Index from Haiku Mainpage

I’ve posted this before but failed to elicit a response, so I’m reposting now. Can anybody else replicate this behavior (description below)?

When I click on “forums” at the top of the Haiku homepage (directly across from the Haiku logotype), I am taken to the Forum start page and it looks fine.

But when I click on “Forums” in the drop-down list box under “Experience”, I am taken to the Forum start page where only the major category headers appear; no specific forums or posts are listed, and navigation deeper into the forums is precluded.

Clicking next on “Forum Index” in the main navigation bar across the top of the Forum start page causes a refresh that brings up all the missing content. Then I am good to go again.

That is not what I see. When I click on experience->forums, it takes me to the page, where the only forums showing are the ones in the “Haiku Users” category. If I click on the title of another category, it reveals the forums in that category and hides the forums in the “Haiku Users” category. I am guessing that this is the way it was intended to behave.

I think you’re right, shadow. I expected the forum index display to be identical from any clickable entity called “forums” on the homepage, but I was mistaken. The display varies intentionally on the basis of the specific “point of entry”. Thanks for the helpful explanation.

yea, the original idea was to kind of head the people in the right direction based on where they were coming from… i’m not all the convinced it’s that useful, I just never really changed it or had any time to put more thought into it.