General questions

Sorry if some have ben answered elsewhere.

  1. Will haiku look as good as Mac Os X?
  2. Will haiku be easier to use than windows?
  3. Will haiku run all open source programs when compiled?
  4. Will haiku be as good as linux at hardware detection?
  5. Will haiku be as stable as linux?
  6. Will haiku be a replacement for windows, mac or linux?


It can be all them if you want it too. :lol:

  1. Gui will be like BeOS 5 initially. Depends if skinning is added afterwards.
  2. subjective question.
  3. no that’s impossible with out some programs requiring changes.
  4. linux is good at hardware detection? lol
  5. Linux stable, depends what it is? Subjective question…
  6. just as much as anything else is.

Another reason why we really need a Current State FAQ. If I keep mentioning this I might have to get off of my ass and make one myself.

  1. Beauty is subjective. I think that BeOS R5 is already more visually appealing than OS X in many ways, not as in a few.
  2. Ease of use depends on the user. I work with many people for whom a stapler is baffling.
  3. No, that’s impossible. Just because they are open source doesn’t mean they will run everywhere. Open source projects, just like all software, have to be designed to run in a certain environment. Some will work on multiple OSes and others just one.
  4. Probably not at first.
  5. More stable than X, less stable than a well configured kernel.
  6. Again, that is subjective. If you want to check your e-mail, then yes. If you want to use Photoshop, then no.

You mean this …

Whilst we don’t compare our OS against others in the FAQ, I think it does answer enough for people to get a grasp of the project and then to contribute.

If there is something you would like added to the FAQ, please do not hestitate to contact myself or Kurtis.

I should write that down somewhere. I didn’t see anything on there about the look of the OS. A lot of people want to know if it will support skins or look like OS X or fully support Alpha