GeForce 6100 VGA driver for BeOS R5/Haiku?


I have an Athlon 64 PC with Geforece 6100 graphic card.

Where do I find a proper driver for the graphics for Haiku/BeOS 5 and how to install it?

Haiku has built-in nvidia driver for old cards with GeForce 6100 covered.
But as I mentioned on IRC the driver has problems with this specific card, see and

Geforce 6100 is onboard VGA, then probably it’s better to use Radeon HD 5570 (pci-e vga which I have too)?

I think I had tried Radeon HD 5570 on Haiku and the drivers work properly.


Speed-wise there should be no difference between VESA and radeon_hd driver.

I had tried Radeon HD 5570 on the Athlon 64 PC, but it doesn’t works (on that computer)… so onboard vga is for now.