GDB and Kdevelop

Haiku uses the “Debugger” command to Debug a program,however,i can find a gdb.
“Debugger” essentaily is gdb with a gui,and the gdb can be accessed via “Debugger -c”. The -c means command line mode. Here is my question, How can i make a (perminant) alias of “gdb=‘Debugger -c’”,this would allow debugging in Kdevelop

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To make a gdb alias add

“alias gdb=‘Debugger -c’”

It seems KDelevop cant access the ptty or tty to use the terminal

Debugger is not gdb, expect problems with the interoperability.

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It is not at all gdb. It is a native Debugger with its own CLI commands. There is (or was?) a gdb in the package repo, but it is a very old one and won’t work properly for apps built with gcc7. Compiling a newer gdb is easy, but then it will not know how to plug into applications to debug things (we use a specific protocol for that, which is not the same as used elsewhere).

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