Gcc4hybrid nightly works?

I have tried the latest gcc4hybrid nightly , and it doesn’t work for me anymore, even when I boot in safe mode. The live-cd starts in safe-mode, but there I can not open the start-menu, to open a program. If I install it on hdd, it freezes just after the desktop is shown.

so, has somebody tried the gcc4hybrid nightly? does it work for you?
(perhaps i will try a gcc2hybrid too).

Does someone use the haiku-nightlies?

even if I boot in safe-mode, after the boot, the deskbar doesn’t work. The rest of the system seems to work. And Deskbar seems to be the only application which can not be killed.
This happens if I boot from the live-cd (latest nightly-build).
with gcc2hybrid it is the same.