GCC4 aborted compiles

Has anyone else experienced a kind of random abort of GCC4 compilations?

I was building the last known supported BeOS config for the Icon programming language with gcc4 and I’d get that popup abort dialog from the compiler. But the funny thing is that it’s not always occurring at the same place. The Icon programming language is a pretty generic compile with no special needs from an Unix-like OS and I did get through the entire build and have it working in the end.

Just wanted to post here to know if this is kinda common at this state of the Haiku development process. That is, is it probably an OS-related bug rather than a GCC4 bug?

If there’s a common procedure others have used to track these kinds of problems down, I’d appreciate some pointers.


This is a good question for the main Haiku development mailing list, to be found here: http://www.haiku-os.org/community/ml . Most main Haiku developers follow that more than the forum.