GCC4/2 question


I’m more interested in running some of the SDL game ports than I am running old BeOS apps, so I’ve switched to running a GCC4 hybrid.

Simple question - if I download a GCC2 compiled program that you install by unzipping to /boot, is it going to put the libraries in the wrong place? There is a specific directory for the gcc2 libs to live in isn’t there?


gcc2 compiled sw should work fine on a gcc4 hybrid Haiku nightly.

yes, the libraries would likely end up in the wrong place if they get extracted while unzipping to /boot.

You can extract to desktop. Then copy the libraries to proper gcc2 folder. Should go in /boot/common/lib/gcc2. Putting them in just lib folder may or may not work. I am not sure if Haiku checks for gcc2 library versions in there on gcc4 system.

Thanks - I suspected that might be the case. I’ll do the manual install like you suggest, but it concerns me that others are going to fall into this trap with the gcc4 Haiku…