GCC2 - must die!

GCC2 - must die!

NO gcc2 soft !

I see you are not using it. How then, is it annoying you? It doesn’t get in the way, so just forget about it, get one of the gcc4-only images or even use the 64-bit ones. And let us developers keep using gcc2 to test all BeOS software on Haiku. Testing big applications like GoBe productive or Worms Armageddon helps us see the last remaining bugs in Haiku. Sometimes, when an app doesn’t work the way it should, I can make a small test and see if the bug is also in BeOS. If it works there, it means the problem is in Haiku, otherwise, it is in the app.

This is an invaluable testing tool for us developers, and it should not create any annoyance for users - why would you care which gcc was used to compile your apps? The package manager does the right thing!

Not sure I understand the point of this post. Your screenshot shows gcc2 apps on the desktop.

x86 GCC 4 Hybrid is an unsupported variant, as it uses GCC 4 as the main compiler and assumes GCC 2 objects to be contained in a gcc2 subdirectory. It is provided for development and testing purposes only. Releasing software that requires these unsupported builds is discouraged.

Problem with that idea is some programs will not compile for GCC4 as yet, I need to test the latest nightly. But so far my make-file that works fine in GCC2 fails in GGC4.

It may just be all my fault, but at present a blind rush to GCC4 will not work.