GCC Versions- What's the difference?


I was wondering,

  1. What’s the difference between GCC2 Hybrid and GCC4 Hybrid?
  2. How will my choice of GCC build affect the system or any applications on it?

I was specifically looking to upgrade to nightly version 35295, and am currently using Haiku as an end-user rather than a programmer, although this is a field that I would like to explore at some point.

Many thanks for any suggestions that you have!

gcc2 hybrid: OS compiled with gcc2 with additional gcc4 libraries
gcc4 hybrid: OS compiled with gcc4 with additional gcc2 libraries

Haiku is officially gcc2 hybrid. But, if you want less issues with qt, gnash, newer SDL games, KDE, etc. then gcc4 hybrid is the better choice. Lots of the newer, complex stuff is compiled with gcc4 on Haiku.