Gcc 4.3.3

Hi all,

I know Gcc 4.3.3 is the planned compiler for future releases but would it be possible for those who wish to jump the gun to compile the the system using Gcc 4.3.3 currently, im currently using Haiku to compile the Haiku source so i would have to use the current Gcc 4 on haiku to compile Gcc 4.3.3 .
Would there be any performance / compatibility advantages with compiling it with the newer version of GCC

Current nightlies use and include gcc 4.3.3

I installed a nightly on a spare partition to build haiku with the updated gcc. Updated my svn check-out and built HAIKU gcc4 hybrid with gcc4.3.3.

aright thats good! any ideas of what the benefits of said upgrade would be?

Speed !


you will find GGC4 haiku images.

GCC4hybrid images contain libraries for GCC2-compiled-applications compatibility.

Ok thats great news :slight_smile: are we talking a sizable speed increase?? i know a lot of haiku diehards wont like this but i couldn’t give a rats arse about backwards compatibility, time dosnt travel backwards and neither do i. speed over BeOS any day!

Unfortunately, there is little to no speed benefit in the gcc4 builds. The following explination is in the Building GCC Hybrids Guide http://www.haiku-os.org/guides/building/gcc-hybrid:

Why not GCC 4?

Even though GCC 4 has stronger optimization algorithms, the performance increase from compiling Haiku with GCC 4 is nil to none. More importantly, for R1 and earlier releases, only the GCC 2 ABI can be considered stable and future proof. Once R1 is released, binaries built with GCC 4 will need to be recompiled (and more than likely have their sources updated for new API).

Hope that helps.