Gamma Control

Does anybody know if it would be possible to add a systemwide gamma control on the screen options menu? Does this kind of function require extensive display driver hacking? Having gamma on at least overlays would be great.

Many times the videos I play with mediaplayer could need gamma correcting. Maybe a little project for somebody to add a gamma slider to mediaplayer and then save the setting on the media file’s gamma attribute.

Current haiku looks good and works fine on my old laptop, let’s make it even better! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Hi samui!

I suspect systemwide gamma/colour control does indeed rely on more comprehensive driver support, as you said. Unlikely to happen very soon, I fear. However, in this recent post on the Haiku mailing list developer 3deyes talks of his plans to work on MediaKit nodes for “different video filters - brightness-contrast, saturation, deinterlace”. Even nicer because these manipulations are available on a per-app basis.

Go 3deyes!

Good good!

I think having color balance would work out the best as a filter. here’s a link to one:

videolan source has a color balance filter in there, might be good to take a look at it.

lots of things moving on, great!