Gaming on Haiku

And kudos to @extrowerk for the groundwork! :blush: :clap:

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…you could or should work on your website on a regular basis, at least once a month to keep the information new, informative and up to date to help promoting Haiku

The besly website is slow loading compared to the one from aarroyoc

This link is very old, we create a new besly and move the old besly to

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ah nice good choice…

There is another good choice btw.:
BeShare 3.04 is available by default in HaikuDepot by now!

SuperTuxKart v1.2 on Haiku x86 (native port):

This game was a nice presentation to testing Haiku’s networking and 3D graphics stack. I even beat a track record and won first place on a cheap x86 laptop. Pretty cool for 3D gaming on Haiku - and can even play up to 8 players over the Internet.


Where can I get this?

Even if I personally would prefer to have more (fully-functional) emulators, it could be a good move - to attract gamers - to consider this chart for games-port priorities :

The port of SuperTuxKart will be made available on HaikuDepot soon. It wasn’t that hard for the most part, because I used a couple of Android/FreeBSD-related patches (and the lead developer helped me a lot).

The changes that allow SuperTuxKart to run under Haiku were upstreamed 5 months ago-- you can just follow the instructions here for the time being; (make sure to install the packages that correspond to Haiku-- I’ll note adding instructions for Haiku itself soon.)

I’m currently working on a port of DDrace Network ( It’s a simple SDL2 game, I’m currently trying to reimplement a few readdir() functions with the find_directory() Haiku counterparts.

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As mentioned, soon HaikuDepot…

Also, for review you can get it from my experimental Haiku repo:


  • supertuxkart-1.2-1-haiku-(arch) - these are the binaries
  • supertuxkart_data-1.2-1 - this is the generic data file

Suggested minimum hardware:

  • x86/x86_64 compatible processor
  • At least 1 GB of free RAM
  • Disk space availability: 1GB


  • apps/SuperTuxKart/SuperTuxKart -h


  • export MESA_GL_VERSION_OVERRIDE=3.3FC (OpenGL 3.3 support, optional)
  • export SUPERTUXKART_DATADIR=(path to data files)


  • Up to 8 remote players over Internet
  • Up to 20 AI (i.e. computer) players

We’re sorting out the last details on the recipe at haikuports, don’t have to much time on my hands but we are close, atm the PR can be build and should be ok on both architectures, once done supertuxkart will be available (kudos to the ones that did the ground work on this!)

Installing binaries from unknown source is always a security risk. Cpnsider this before you install anything.

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I definitely agree that Battle for Wesnoth would be a super choice for porting over. It really stands out among native (not needing help to run under Linux) Linux games for being a fun, polished game that also looks pretty great.

…battle for wesnoth have been available on depot for long time…


Well, pardon my lack of awareness. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there anything worthwhile that isn’t already available?

Well has a great list of games, many of which aren’t ported yet.

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  • A-train!!! My favourit game on Amiga in the past.
  • Age of Empires!!! One of my favourit games in pc. My son love the second Edition on playstation2. On haiku would be greate
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This is annoying, SuperFreeCell give me 2 time a 9 of spades !

How can I relax and enjoy music with a so frustrating bug ?

Does I have to fill a bug report ?

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Check out this open source game. It is actually pretty amazing and working quite well for an alpha stage game. This would be great ported to Haiku.
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