Gaming on Haiku

In my opinion, the best place to start for gaming in Haiku would be console emulators.

A single NES (or SNES, N64, Genesis, PlayStation, MAME…) emulator instantly adds thousands of video games to Haiku. :slight_smile:

[quote=drcouzelis]In my opinion, the best place to start for gaming in Haiku would be console emulators.

A single NES (or SNES, N64, Genesis, PlayStation, MAME…) emulator instantly adds thousands of video games to Haiku. :)[/quote]

I have two NES emulators (Pretendo and BeNes) hpackaged and ready to upload as soon as I have bandwidth again. Check my repo on Tuesday:

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I started porting Gens-GS (in my opinion, it was the best Genesis/Megadrive emulator) to Haiku a few years ago but stopped because the main dev had plans to move the UI to QT (I had been writing a native UI - but without using the Layout kit back then).

I think he has done so now, so if anyone wants a small challenge, I’m sure there’s not a huge lot of work to do there to get it running.;a=summary

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I saw on irc that miqlas-H had gotten swars, the reverse engineered port of syndicate wars, working. He said he wasn’t planning to hpkg it and that the port was quite easy, and as I love the game I’ve duplicated his work and made a quick recipe. Hpkg here:

You need the data from the original disk to play, here are the instructions to install it:

Insert the Syndicate Wars CD and make sure it is mounted (e.g. in /cdrom or you can use an image and mount it somewhere).
Run swarsinstall-x86 -f SOURCE -t TARGET -l LANG -M, or
swarsinstall -f SOURCE -t TARGET -l LANG -M, where:
SOURCE is the game CD path, like /cdrom,
TARGET is the destination path, either /system/settings/swars or
~/config/settings/swars (depending on where you installed the package),
LANG is the installation language, and can be one of: eng fre ita spa swe.

Note that on haiku the installer can’t currently rip the music, but you can
manually rip it to ogg format and place track_1.ogg, track_2.ogg and
track_3.ogg into /system/settings/swars/music or ~/config/settings/swars/music

Run swars, or swars-x86, to play!

[quote=drcouzelis]In my opinion, the best place to start for gaming in Haiku would be console emulators.

A single NES
(or SNES)
emulator instantly adds thousands of video games to Haiku. :)[/quote]

Well, on my website “Software Depot”, for what is worth, I packaged the old SNES emulator (Bes9X) which comes from BeOS:

I also plan to provide a package for MAME.

I was warned about the fact that BeS9x crashes when you attempt to config a controller; unfortunately the app is not open source (and it comes from BeOS); however I was able to find the reason of such crash and then to patch the binary using DiskProbe :slight_smile:

So, for everyone which encountered this trouble, please download the new revision here:

P.S: Soon I will also publish a package for XMame.

I’m curious what the issue was! Just in case we might instead fix/workaround it on Haiku side…

Hi PulkoMandy,

as you can see in the following screenshot
Free Image Hosting at

inside the BeS9x’s folder there is an image called “snes9x.jpg”; this image is used as background image inside the controller’s preferences: originally such image was a png image: previously BeS9x crashed because was unable to load this image: so I saved this image as jpg and inside the BeS9x binary i just changed the reference from “snes9x.png” to “snes9x.jpg”. However I noticed that Bes9x on Haiku is not able to configure a controller with different keys (you are forced to use default keys).

If you are willing to investigate deeper, here
you can download the previous release of Bes9x, the one which crashed.
Here instead there is the fixed revision:

Kind regards.

As promised:

P.S: I’m not the author of this port: XMame (SDL) was ported on Haiku by Tonestone57 years ago: I just added the icon to the binary and I added some facilities to easily start the games using the Tracker.

There is on GitHub some old BeOS code:


Heart of the Alien

And other BeOS and retro software.

Already on my repo

Thanks, I’ll go have a look, but those graphics look … blocky

Hello friends, any of you know a port for pcsx and mupen to haiku? or imposible? but if there are this initiative to port dolphin i can suposse is more easy get pcsx and mupen64, maybe can get more speed ingame with software render, in the time BeOs had his own psx emulators what happen with it? :slight_smile: have a nice day.

Haikuports has at least a recipe for “mupen”. Don’t know if or how well it works.

Is this project still alive? Long time no new descripton.

These are serious classics! At least the latter. Watch a video, such smooth animation for the machines these were made for!

WRT mupen and pcsx - would be worth looking at the latest versions/forks of these as they see quite a lot of development.

Original System Shock has been open-sourced:


Reverse-engineered Diablo source code released on GitHub:


Still depends on Windows (DirectX and stuff).

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Besides, Distributing Rev-Eng Code is illegal. Just so people know that sharing links to such places counts already as distributing. Nobody wants to get into trouble, right?

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This is not necessarily true. Most countries allow reverse engineering. Most software licenses expressly forbid decompilation but there are no fully working decompilers out there anyway so they aren’t really used for reverse engineering anyway. So whether distributing is illegal depends on copyright restrictions. In the case of diablo, no one appears to be bothered about it being freely distributed all over the internet, so I doubt they will mind about the reverse engineered code either. So whether or not it is legal is really only a discussion topic.