Game Development on Haiku (game engines)

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Well, right now I’m working with Godot on Silverblue to develop games (porting my first game from Unity3D now). One of the goals I have is to finally be able to do game development in Haiku, and I mean everything, art, audio, coding… the whole project stuff totally made inside Haiku.

While right now I’m waiting for Godot to be usable on Haiku, I’m also doing some research on what (game engines) and what doesn’t work on Haiku.

So today I found one that works on Haiku:

GDevelop Game Engine
This one is called GDevelop and it works inside a browser too. This picture is the Editor running inside WebPositive.

[Edited: removed framebuffer stuff as pointed out by @extrowerk. I re-read the webpositive post. I didn’t remember. My bad]

And this is the Game Project running inside WebPositive:

Working game engines that I find in this research will keep adding here.


PulkoMandy explained us the framebuffer driver cant cause effects like this.

True. I forgot. Removed the thing from the text. I need winter and a vacation… :hot_face:


Godot used to have a Haiku port. No idea what happened to that,

Patience… :wink:

Still have, but frankly it is only a techdemo on Haiku just like Blender.

Nice lil’ alien!

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Well, well, who knew. Maybe Poorman little web server was there for some purpose:


Phaser Game Engine
This is Phaser game engine running inside WebPositive, and of course inside the Poorman web server. Go figure.

This is just a first test to check if Poorman does it, as Phaser is just Javascript/Typescript as many other HTML5 game engines I found diving there, and need a web server to run.

Will try to do a better test in the following days, and verify that Poorman delivers.


Would be fine some can take hands on EGSL (2D dev language for gaming). Lorglas have make it running on haiku again, but the package is very big and development of side from Markus Mangold ( Vather of the language) are stoped for new project Pulsar 2D.

Nice language done for game development.

I create a IDE for it.





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