FUTO Fellows program

Fellowship program for FOSS software

If selected, each member of your team will receive at least $20,000 of funding, airfare to Austin, free housing for three months, incubator space, equipment, mentorship, and VIP invites to a full slate of events.

Maybe Haiku could apply?

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I’m no friend of tech oligarchs but in order to be a sufficient threat to them, Haiku needs a way to convince people to not only try out this sleek, elegant operating system, but leave their old ones behind. That’s why I keep pushing WebAssembly outside the browser and other self-porting software formats.

I honestly have no idea why you keep mentioning webassembly.
for the end user there seems to be 0 reason to use it, abd for the machine it’s yet another burden to have to recompile every app it wants to run while givung us even less control over the finished machine code


And even if there is a valid use for it, advertising for your webassembly project in every topic on the forum is a little annoying. Can you keep news about your WebAssembly work inside a single topic, please?


Ok. I’m sorry.

Thanks @bobsmith for mentioning the fellow programme here. I’ve never heard about FUTO before. Seems like a cool organization.

Haiku would be indeed an anti-oligopoly piece of software. Maybe Haiku will apply?