Fullscreen issue

Hello. I hope I am writing this in the right section. Anyway, does anybody know what the issue really is with fullscreen in Haiku? I have tried several console emulators which are all supposed to have fullscreen support, but when I try to use this function, all that happens is that the resolution is changed, and graphics get corrupted or out of place. The application window (with the title and menubar and all), along with the whole desktop, is still visible. This is quite annoying as playing in windowed mode doesn’t really give you the same feeling. Here’s an example of the issue: http://i48.tinypic.com/14eb9fs.jpg

That’s generally what it looks like when trying to use something in fullscreen. I don’t think it’s hardware-specific, as I used to use Haiku with an nVidia card before, and now I’m using it with an ATI one. Same thing in VirtualBox too.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Denise.
Sounds like bug #4456.


Seems to be fixed now with a recent commit! :slight_smile: There’s still a thing with the screen not completely stretching out, but that’s probably just the lack of accelerated drivers (I’m on VESA). This thread can probably be locked now.