Am I the only one who is REALLY annoyed by the way some apps do full-screen? I mean the placement of the “exit full-screen”-button on the far upper right. That’s where all BeOS-people keep the deskbar, activated by mouse-in-corner. Every time I try to exit full-screen mode in some of those new apps my deskbar pops up and covers the button. So I have to pull mouse back and slowly sneak in on the button. IMHO that’s bad UI design and should be changed.

Bump. Anyone?

This is awkward…

Well, ome praise the haiku ui.
At least soon the deskbar hould be improved, so that the full-screen is not annoying anymore.
Stippi developed a good idea how to do it, but he didnt have time to implement it yet. And it was funny that even stippi has one of the best reputation here around, there were enough people against him, one even said something like: “dont touch/break it, it’s already perfect”.

Some people seem to be really still living in the 90’s.
Haiku has a lot o strength, but the deskbar really needs to be more userfriendly and powerful/functional.

Maybe you have Auto-raise option enabled in Deskbar?

Once more here’s Stippi’s blog post. People were not “against him”. Attacking people instead of their arguments is a fallacy. Many provided counter arguments. Of course, people being people, some post opinion without arguments. Like “don’t touch it”. Another said “I like all the suggestions”. It’s not really unusual to get polar opposite reactions to a blog post…

John’s lately done some great changes with the icon size in Deskbar. So, change is possible. It just seems that one has to be extra careful when working on such a central piece of Haiku. Evolution instead of revolution seems to be the motto.

WRT the OP there isn’t yet a good solution. At least if you’re set on using the full-screen-toggle icon. You could move the Deskbar to another corner of the screen. Or use a maximized window instead of full-screen (unfortunately the zoom button of Web+ and WonderBrush go directly to full-screen…).
Personally, I just use ALT+ENTER, though I don’t use full-screen often, only really if I’m at a small-screen netbook. Also, I reserve a workspace for a full-screen Web+ and hop to another workspace when I need another app or Deskbar.

How would a good solution look like?
All I can come up with ATM is to have the toggle icon not in the top right corner, but directly to the right of the last menu title. That of course wouldn’t help when you have the Deskbar as bar at the top…