Full but empty trashcan

You had times the problem. That the trash can be filled, but is empty? Is there a cache file to delete or another way to fix this?

So, the icon shows a filled trash can, but when you open it it’s actually empty?

Only thing I can think of, is doing a “checkfs” on all the partitions. I always use the “-c” parameter first to do a simulation before having checkfs fix stuff. Gives me the opportunity to backup things first…

Welcome to the Haiku shell.

~> /boot/system/bin/trash

Send files to trash, or restore them.
trash [–restore|–empty|–list] file …
–restore restore files (act as untrash)
–empty empty the Trash
–list list what’s already in the Trash
untrash [–all] [file …]

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I fix the problem. I unmout all haiku systems partitions and the trashcan are displayed empty now. Remount does not fill him again. Feels like a mount and system workaround problem.