Fuchsia a new Google kernel, created by BeOS developers


According to documentation, ( https://fuchsia-review.googlesource.com/c/docs/+/101356/4/fuchsia_paver.md#17 ), Fuchsia has decent hardware support for the Acer Switch 12, Intel NUC, and the recently released Pixelbook.

Hopefully, some decent and legacy free code will emerge from the Fuchsia project with some direct/indirect benefit to Haiku.


More information about Fuchsia you can find on the Fuchsia Wiki

I think for all here, the kernel of it is most important.
Attila Szász & Gergő Hosszú have analysed the Fuchsia kernel at

The latest try (of non google developer) to install a complete Fuchsia on real hardware (in this case on an pixelbook) you can see at



Next week they “may” make an official introduction at the Development Conference…

Google plant das neue Betriebssystem "Fuchsia"
Vielleicht wird es auf einer Entwicklerkonferenz schon nächste Woche offiziell vorgestellt.