FS-UAE fails to run on Haiku x86_64

Currently on Haiku x86_64 hrev56291, and I’ve been wanting to use FS-UAE to run my Amiga OS 3.9 setup I’ve had from my main laptop, since I’ve taken quite the time to get it set up and working just the way I want it.

FS-UAE Launcher works just fine, but whenever I go to launch any emulated Amiga setup I have (which I migrated over from my main laptop), FS-UAE itself crashes immediately with the message shown below.

This is on my ThinkPad X220. IIRC there’s no OpenGL drivers yet in Haiku, or am I wrong?

What flags are you using when you compile? Or are you using the version from HaikuPorts? If you try to run a 32-bit version on 64-bit Haiku it will fail.

This was installed via HaikuPorts; it was installed via HaikuDepot, so it’s a native 64-bit version.

The message may have nothing to do with the crash. Please save a debug report and open a ticket at HaikuPorts with the details.

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Done; see issue #7067 on GitHub.

Ahoy @LambdaCalculus !

I assume that @waddlespalsh thought you would open a ticket in Haiku ticketing tool :


It needs a different registration here, but - of course - you can use the same user name as for forum you did.

It is necessary as you may not the only one who has the same issue, and others would also search here to check out for similar problems before they are opening a ticket.

Thank you for your understanding. :))

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Ahh, didn’t know! I thought GitHub would’ve been the more proper place! :smile:

Just registered and opened a ticket for the issue; see ticket 17843 for the issue.

No, I meant HaikuPorts, just like I said. The Haiku bugtracker is the wrong place for third-party issues, and I’ve closed the issue that was just opened there about this.

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Okay, so GitHub was the right place to post, then!

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I terribly sorry for I was who misunderstood.