FS: BeBox Dual 133MHz System via eBay auction

Just in case there are any BeBox folks here or Haiku folks that have been wanting to get a BeBox for years, I have decided to try and sell mine on eBay. Not cheap mind you but I do have a make offer also on the fixed price ad in case someone wants to make an offer. I hate to sell it but have soooo many projects in front of me and my poor BeBox sits unused which I hate… I want it to go to someone like me that actually uses it. Time has become an issue for me so I am passing it on. Buy It Now was set at $1999 for my whole BeBox and BeOS collection. Plus like I said I have it also set to receive offers that I can decline or take.

Here is my link. It ends in about 6 days.



The Bebox is now sold. tj