Fresh Haiku install doesn't boot

I tried installing Haiku on an old DELL desktop I’ve had lying around for a while. The install went alright, but after rebooting the computer it complained that there was nothing to boot and kept requesting bootable media. Anyone know about this? Could the computer just not be able to handle Haiku?

You’re welcome :wink: I think once you install BootMan, it should work fine.

What bootloader are you using? GRUB or Haiku’s bootloader?

Definitely not GRUB. I’m assuming that the Haiku bootloader is installed automatically when you install it on a blank HDD. If not then that could explain where my problem is coming from, as I have not manually installed a bootloader.

I just went back and reread the installation guide. When I read it through the first time it was before I had plans to actually install Haiku permanently on a machine. As a result I missed the part about the boot manager. I hadn’t gone through the tools menu to install it. I will try that and see if it works. I feel a bit silly, but thanks for the help.