Freezing / Unfreezing Haiku

Hello @ all,

I suggest an interesting function for Haiku :

The possibility of freezing the system (the /boot partition) into a “semi read-only” state :

Any changes made to the computer, regardless of whether they are accidental or malicious are never permanent, once the PC reboots, user will find the system unchanged.

It is what offers the software called Deep-Freeze under Windows.

It’s an unkillable system-service which is active even in safe-mode and protected by password.
I think it moves the file-system writing cursor to an hard-drive zone handled by deep-freeze.
After each system restart, this zone is automatically destroyed so all changes made to C: (programs added, files removed, etc.) are canceled. Therefore the computer does not spend more time to start.

So if the operating system provides such a function natively, it would be great !