Free Modem and Hardware for Haiku Dev

I’m offering any Haiku developer some older hardware (will mail it regular post) for development.

I’m particularly interested seeing at least one modem supported under Haiku, as many less fortunate only have dial-up to browse the internet. The modem is a pretty good one, U.S Robotics PCI Card…

Other hardware:

* 128 MB PC133 SDRAM
* 32mb PCI Pine Graphics or a 16 MB Diamond Viper Card (AGP) (choose one or the other)
* 10/100 Compaq NIC or a Dlink 10/100 PCI NIC (choose one or the other)
* Four port PCI NIC Card

Please contact or PM me before tomorrow evening if interested.


Hehe, nice offer!
To get the attention of developers you really should post it on the developer mailinglist (
Would be a shame if your offer gets lost.