Free BeOS nostalgia

Apologies if this is considered off-topic…

I’m doing the “real life” thing for a while, and part of that involves, for me, moving and getting rid of my stuff. I thought the following items of mine might be of interest to someone in the Haiku community:

  • book: The BeOS Bible
  • book: Programming the Be Operating System
  • CD: BeOS R5 Pro
  • CD: Gobe Productive 2.0
  • CDs: Corum III for BeOS

Maybe someone would want this group of things to auction off at a Haiku-related event?

I currently live in Kitchener, ON, Canada, and would be willing to ship them either to an individual for the cost of shipping, or to the nearest Haiku, Inc. member who could bring it to the next Haiku event for auction (or other fundraising) for maybe free shipping or half the cost? (Not sure how much it is, but The BeOS Bible is pretty bulky and I’m about to be officially poor.) I could also possibly drop it off in Toronto in the next month or two, depending on scheduling (I don’t have a car.)

Peace, and best of luck to the Haiku team, things are really coming along!


PS I think I might have the original boxes (at another location) for each of the CD items as well, if that would increase anyone’s interest in them. Let me know and I’ll check next time I’m there.

I would be willing to pay shipping on those I won’t be back in the USA till august 17th though to send you the money for shipping as I’m in Brazil at the moment. Of course if you get a better offer I understand.

I would prefer to ship all the items together as a package, but if I don’t hear of any interest in that, they’re all yours. I’ll throw in Corum too and donate the books to one of our libraries.

Note: I made this post by mistake in response to a private message.

Your library isn’t likely do have much interest in Programming books from pre-2000 …

In any case I wanted the whole lot anyway if shipping wouldn’t be outrageous of course. I have had stuff shipped to me from california for instance and that wasn’t too bad (Sparc CPUs and SCSI drives which are pretty heavy). As long as it isn’t more than 20$ it should be fine and I should be much closer to you than california though there might be additional cost you being in canada I doubt that though.

I’ll be back in the US by wednesday and will send you the money I assume paypal or money order which ever you prefer?

I’d be interested in these as well. I’m in Nova Scotia so I don’t imagine it would cost much much to ship em out here.

Shipping rates from Canada can be calculated on the Canada Post Website:

Looks like it would be around 20-25 bucks to get it to me in North Carolina assuming its about 10lb or 6kg

Thanks for your help everyone, it looks like I didn’t subscribe to this thread properly somehow, so sorry for the delay. cb88, since you’re the first one who wanted the whole package perhaps you could send me your address. I’m not sure the best way to pay–I have a paypal account for sending money, but I don’t think I’ve been paid via that before.

BTW I should disclaim the condition–they’re not mint by any means, but I would say “reasonable”. I haven’t tried the CD’s themselves in a while but tried to keep them well. The books are a bit worn here and there but otherwise in good shape.