Following Haiku Instructions fails to Fetch WIFI Firmwares

The users guide suggests that firmware drivers are available for some Broadcom devices
Instructions are to install wifi firmware in order to use wireless in some cases. The firmwares are suposed to download to enable the use of wifi. I have a wired connection available to enable the downloads

I need the firmware for BCM4312 lp-phy but the install command fails to fetch any broadcom drivers from…some other firmwares are downloaded.

Is there an alternative source?

Can you have look at the output of ‘’?
It does work here:

Acquiring firmware for broadcom43xx ...
TODO: UnlinkDriver
Downloading ...
2017-12-31 14:39:41 URL: [14138/14138] -> "/boot/system/cache/tmp/package_me/boot/system/data/firmware/broadcom43xx/b43-fwcutter/b43-fwcutter-012.tar.bz2" [1]
Downloading ...
2017-12-31 14:39:41 URL: [1489/1489] -> "/boot/system/cache/tmp/package_me/boot/system/data/firmware/broadcom43xx/b43-fwcutter/byteswap.h" [1]
Downloading ...
2017-12-31 14:39:42 URL: [4592/4592] -> "/boot/system/cache/tmp/package_me/boot/system/data/firmware/broadcom43xx/b43-fwcutter/bits/byteswap.h" [1]
Compiling b43-fwcutter for installing Broadcom's firmware ...
... successfully compiled b43-fwcutter.
Downloading ...
2017-12-31 14:39:44 URL: [652866/652866] -> "/boot/system/cache/tmp/package_me/boot/system/data/firmware/broadcom43xx/wl_apsta-" [1]
TODO: SymlinkDriver
... firmware for broadcom43xx will be installed.

The resulting wifi_firmwares-1-any.hpkg in /system/packages/ also includes the Broadcom firmware.

Thanks Humdinger, oddly, I tried again this morning and had sucess…the firmware installed!