Folders missing in /boot/home/config/settings/deskbar/menu in Haiku B3?

I have been slowly setting up my beta3 install and attempted symlinking menu_entries to menu only to discover the designated folders for Applications, Demos, Desktop applets and Preferences are missing. I normally use the 32bit version of Haiku but my beta3 install is the 64bit version in this case. I didn’t run into this issue with beta2 or beta1.

ln -s ~/config/settings/deskbar/menu ~/config/settings/deskbar/menu_entries

I booted into Haiku live to see if the issue is there as well and it is…

The entries you are looking for are in the system directories: /boot/system/settings/deskbar
You are looking at the home directory here which would have the entries for packages installed in /home/config/packages, but on a stock install there is nothing there
That is why we have the “blue folders” magic to merge all of these directories together (in addition to these two, there are also their non-packaged equivalents).

Is this changed in beta 3? I need to check my menusorter app

No changes to how this works in beta3 compared to beta1 and beta2.

Ok then i have the right folders to make the menu configure able :slight_smile:

The folders are missing in beta3 at least for me in my install.

IIRC, the folders for Applications, Demos, Desktop applets and Preferences would exist in the ~/config/settings/deskbar/menu but would be empty. So would I would do is, I’d leverage the old menu_entries symlink to point to menu and then I would symlink all of the apps, etc… from system, which would give me the ability to configure those folders in icon mode, etc…

Resulting in Deskbar suggestion: different icons for menus - #3 by dcatt

I’ve been meaning to write a bash script to automate the whole process.

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You can use the menusorter that lelldorin mentionned. No need to rewrite it once again :slight_smile:

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Is the menu folder in home suppose to have the empty subfolders I mentioned?

A tutorial about it:


How do I obtain the special identified folders for Applications and Preferences?

So I decided to boot into Haiku B2 live and the folders that I’m talking about are there.


I opened bug