FLTK port (was "Port Debian Package Management System to Haiku")

Suspect someone forgot to pay the bills… dillo hasn’t been very active for years anyway :confused: it has spurts of activity when anyone challenges their ability to program :stuck_out_tongue: for instance DPIs were overused and causing the program to be crashy and bloaty until they finally got called out on it… eh apparently I’ve ready said this in this thread … well it bears repeating lol.

I wonder how hard it would be to adapt Netsurf to FLTK… personally I’d much rather have Netsurf linked against FLTK than GTK… obviously it uses the BeAPI on Haiku but elsewhere not using GTK would be nice.


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It shouldn’t be too hard to make an FLTK frontend for NetSurf indeed, not sure it’s worth it but yeah.
They already have a framebuffer frontend, so…

I was just reading over on the FLTK site that apparently the FLTK 1.4 should be easier to write graphics backend drivers for… this was mentioned with respect to porting FLTK to wayland (nobody working on this yet though). I wonder how much of you work on 1.3 carries over to 1.4 a decent amount I imagine.