Flock_server for BeOS

Does anyone have this file around anymore?


Its required for using any newer version of perl, and hence autotools, from about 2003 onwards; and I can’t find a copy anywhere (thanks to the vandalism of bebits/haikuware)

I didn’t find such a file in my archive.
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Back to the original topic:

@cian , did you tried search it here?


I had already looked when I saw Cian request (on IRC first and then here). I don’t have it in the BeOSarchive. If someone has a copy I can add it there.

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I have 26 CD roms with BeOS software from the past, but never hear of flock server. If i found the time, i will take a look.

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Sichern, sichern, sichern…!!!

It looks like is was written by Yellowbites, so I guess Stippi might have the source still? I didn’t see it on the Yellowbites website though… or maybe Ingo? Is there a repo for any of their older software that is open source?
(I was going to @ Stippi, but I didn’t want to pull him in unnecessarily.)

@stippi The page should be updated :slight_smile:



Thanks for that - have got Perl 5.8 working as needed now. I did see someone sending a patch for either 5.10 or 5.12 for R5 at some point but I don’t think I need anything newer.