Flashing "_" on boot

Hi, i tried one of the nightly builds, and once finished installing and reboot I just got that flashing _

Is it possible to fix this?

Did you make the partition active? What’s your partition scheme like?

A few things to check here.

  • Check the partition layout of your disk. Make sure you use traditional "intel" partition scheme and install Haiku to a primary partition (I'm not sure how well we support GPT).
  • As already mentionned, make sure the partition you install to is active
  • Your disk needs a working MBR code. You can install one from haiku either using the "writembr" command, or using BootMan (available from Installer menu). BootMan will show a menu and allow you to boot from mulitple partitions.

I think you didn’t install the boot manager. You have no other OS installed right? Boot up your install medium to the desktop, go to /system/apps/ and run bootmanager, which you can use to install it.