Finished with R3-Dano retro review series


Last year, I’d written a big review on Haiku’s first ever beta, and though I had definite moments of excitement and energy over thought, I was very excited to have written it.

Today, I’m very excited to announce to the community that I’ve also just completed a retro review series on R3 (3.1) through Dano (5.1d0) and an extra article that looks a bit at the old site and dock. The articles are broken up into parts, instead of one huge piece, so hopefully, even though they’re lengthy, they should be easier to read.

Please be aware these articles are long and have a salvo of screenshots in them, so please be patient when opening them – especially if you’re seeing this from Haiku and are using WebPositive. I noticed that Web+ can freeze up on me when handed too much.

And anyway, without further adieu, here is the series page on Medium:

And also, these are available on my Be and Haiku blog, Isometric Leaves, which supersedes the old “Land of the Leaves” page I’d started a while back. My goal with it is to post both info and articles focused on Be/Haiku/etc. And with that said, here’s another link to the series:

I really hope that everyone enjoys reading these as much as I did writing them, and enjoys the journey through time with these.

And as a last note, there were a few areas, (like the SerialConnect app and the GLViewer in Dano) that I’d glossed over, as I’d like to get another series done on Max, PhOS, and Zeta, and from there, climb to Haiku Alpha 1 and onward soon, but please let me know if you enjoy these, so I have an idea if I should write more articles like this. (But regardless of whether those get done, ladies and gents, I will definitely write about Beta 2 when it’s born :smile:

Thanks, everyone :slight_smile:

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