Final translations refresh for beta release

Hello to all!

can’t wait to put my hands on the “official” beta build, I’ve made a 3 days crash session and 1- completed the italian translation 2- made a general cleanup and cosmetic fixing.

It was not so bad after all, as I’m forced to be at home for a painful sciatica :frowning:

I was just wondering if the string sync has yet to be done and if I could hope to see my hard work into the beta branch at the end of the day :slight_smile:

tnx allot for your effort and i was happy to contrib! (now starting translating some apps, too)


The last update is from 2 days ago:

good to know :slight_smile:

just fyi, the Italian translation on Pottle is (from this morning) completed and reviewed and could be merged sooner or later on the pack without issues (i hope)

all the best!

I’m opening a code review for the latest (checked-in) translations now.

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