Final Haiku Release

Does anyone know when the final R1 release of the Haiku will be released to the public?


on 18.May 2013


So it won’t be that far away, or will it be?

There is NO scheduled release date for R1. Date won’t be given until Haiku is close to actual release.

Best you can do is guess and hope you’re right. I would guess that R1 could likely be released in about 4 years time from now. But, it could happen sooner or later than this. No way to know for sure when.

Okay, thanks a lot guys!

Maybe if Alpha 3 come in December and beta 1 come in jun of 2011…middle of 2012 can be the end of… endline :)that i think because the alpha version have more or less six months betwen one and other, then i can calculate this time with this data.
but are not a precisicion.

I would give a calculated estimate with this formula and data from the Haiku road map page for R1:
Remaining time in years=(Totol number of bugs/Closed bugs-1)xYears from beginning of project. That works out at:
(5785/4218-1)x9yrs=3.343527738 years from now or about December 2013-January 2014.
That is assuming that every single bug will be fixed in the final release and the rate of fixing bugs will remain the same. There could be a lot more developers before then and things could speed up. There might also be more to do toward the final release (larger amount of software coding) that would cancel out gains made from more developers.

Well, Haiku was formed on the 19th Aug, 2001, so the 10th year anniversary will be 19th Aug, 2011. This would be the ideal Haiku R1 release date (well, the ideal date would have been 20th Aug, 2001, but lets be realistic here). So one year (plus a couple of days) from today.