FFmpeg vs Libav

I as reading Stippi’s blog about the Meida Player and using FFMepg. I was curious about it so I googled and found it was recently forded into an other project called Libav. Can anyone comment on this? Just curious as to what the differences between the two are supposed to be?


Maybe post to Stippi’s blog to see what he thinks?

There was in-fighting between project leader and some developers over how FFmpeg was managed. So, some developers split off and created their own project (fork). Some info at bottom under HISTORY.

Split happened around March 2011. Just recently.

I am not sure who has more devs and which is moving forward faster. Only time will tell in 1 to 2 years with which ends up being the better choice to go with.

PS When you have people that do not get along; it is best to get rid of the “trouble maker” or risk having the project collapse. ie, angry or frustrated developers tend to leave