Feedback on Haiku directions in the future


To permanently delete files, use the Shift + Enter keyboard shortcut. A dialog will pop up asking whether you really want to permanently delete instead of just moving them to the trash.


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@extrowerk , @win8linux, thanks for the “shift” thing. I did not know about it, I guess I need more time for RTFM… Well, only need more time for learning these things.

@extrowerk, I hope you are not talking about this:
This “deskbar replicant” for workspaces is close to useless, from how I see it. If have time this weekend, I’ll prepare a mockup of what I mean, to better explain myself (sometimes, an image is worth 1000 words, and this case, I presume is one of those times). And regarding the mousewheel scroll, yes, you are right, can use the mousewheel to scroll, I forgot to write “mousewheel on desktop”, as I have been doing it already on the replicant I have on the desktop, not on the deskbar.

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No problem; glad to help! :grin:

Many of the keyboard shortcuts in Haiku are the same as on other OSes (except macOS). There are some differences (e.g. Alt-C/V instead of Ctrl-C/V, Ctrl-Tab in lieu of Alt-Tab, etc.), but you’ll get used to shifting (ayy :laughing:) between the shortcut schemes in short order after a bit of time with Haiku. At least, I sure did anyhow.

Also, I agree with your proposals for the workspace replicant already. There should be way to access it easily even if a window start covering up much of the screen; this happens way too often when viewing HaikuDepot entry screenshots. I’ve had to make sure that it is launched like an application so that it can easily be accessed with the app switcher. I would certainly like to see your proposed concept for it soon, @roiredxsoto!


In the Deskbar it definitely works better to arrange the workspaces horizontally… :slight_smile:

You may want to try running the Workspaces applet (maybe with no border and tab) and activate Auto-raise.


Actually, because the ‘alt’ key is in the same position as command is on a Mac keyboard, its very easy to switch from a Mac to a Haiku machine. In fact, Alt+O, Alt+W, etc. have the exact same ‘feel’ as Cmd+O, Cmd+W, etc. on Mac OS 9. Of course, pressing Alt+E over return and Alt+T over Cmd+delete in Tracker, for instance, are different, but that’s to be expected, as Haiku is a different OS.


Maybe someone could make a comparison table that has the common keyboard shortcuts from other operating systems and Haiku in it? It could be a useful webpage or entry in the user guide for newbies to refer from. Another suggestion would be to have something like what Ubuntu used to have in Unity:


Appreciate the shortcuts window idea. But Unity hurts my eyes. That’s one of the reasons I went out of Ubuntu for a long while.


Yeah, I didn’t like Untiy as well; that is why I’m using KDE right now :grinning:. Of course, such a shortcut window should be done in an aesthetic appropriate to Haiku.