Fastest way to blit bitmap to Haiku window

Hi - I was wondering what the fastest way to blit a bitmap to a Haiku window is? Ideally, I would like to do just a straight blit or a line by line memcpy and avoid dealing with any clipping rects - but not a deal breaker if I have to.

I have some simple graphics stuff that I just want to get pixels onto the a window. My search-fu failed me and I couldn’t track down a sample to follow. I looked at BDirectWindow’s docs but then found a thread saying that BDirectWindow is obselete and to check out the SlimDemo - is this still relevant?


BDirectWindow should be avoided as a general rule except in some highly specific circumstances that actually need framebuffer access.

If you are covering the entire window with a bitmap, then what you most likely want to do is to attach a single BView covering the whole BWindow (probably with FOLLOW_ALL resizing mode set), and then call SetViewBitmap with whatever arguments you want. The clipping for redraws, etc. will be handled for you that way.

Or access to clipping information needed for compositor.