Fast editing and shortcuts web+

Let us take StyledEdit, when you write a sentece there and you realize, when you have finished to write, that there’s a wrong word or maybe you made a typo or you want to change it, the fastest way to go there without using the mouse is to jump word by work pressing ALT <-- or alt -->. Right?

Well, often if you do the same in the web+ browser, even here in this forum, if you press alt <-- it goes back to the previous web page… I find it frustrating
The same doesn’t happen, for example, in Qupzilla. So maybe there’s a software trick to prevent this happening.

For what it’s worth, it’s the same in Firefox:

Looks like it’s hardcoded at the moment?


thanks Chris,
so maybe I should write a suggestion on the bug tracker…

I think, it’s supposed to word-jump on ALT+Left/Right when a text box in the webpage has focus. If not, Web+ is supposed to go back/forth in the location history.

Maybe I remember wrong, but at least currently, this does not work…